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Baby Massage Courses & Workshops

Choose the course that suits you and your families needs

Perfect for pre-moving babies aged between 4 weeks and 6 months


Senses worked on during a Baby Massage class:

A wonderful first class for baby, a way to transition from the womb into the world as we explore the sense of touch. We offer a variety of massage classes to suit your needs.

Lead by a qualified and experienced instructor you will learn massage techniques for calming and soothing your baby as well as the vital strokes which have been reported to help relieve babies of ailments such as colic, wind and constipation. 

These friendly classes combine massage with some songs and is taught in a way that the routine is easy to retain.

Give your confidence a boost, help develop baby’s motor skills and reach developmental milestones, soothe them, relieve symptoms of discomfort and pain, build their strength and communicate clearly. Massage can be fundamental in forming a good bed time routine. 


Baby Massage courses and workshops:

3 young mothers kneeling on the floor with their babies sitting on their laps catching bubbles

Public Group courses

6 week courses in Streatham and Brixton.

60 minute classes

Learn to give your baby a full body massage in these multi-sensory classes, gain a knew skill & help baby reach developmental milestones, perfect for skin to skin and enhancing your bond.

Great to do with your antenatal group as well as make new local friends

£84 for 6 weeks

Group of 6 fathers standing and holding their babies after doing a baby massage workshop

Dads Group workshops

One off workshops

45 minutes

A fast track to Baby Massage for Fathers

Streatham Space Project

Once a term (roughly every 6 weeks)

It is a great way to help fathers feel empowered and more confident in handling their child. A great addition to the bedtime routine to give father and baby specialm time together each evening.

£14 for families enrolled on a course or £20 for new families

Group of 7 mothers from NCT group sitting on an L shaped sofa holding their babies after completing a baby massage course

Private Group Courses

6 week courses

60 minute classes

Learn to give your baby a full body massage

Run from your home, perfect for antenatal groups that want to learn at their pace in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Available in and around Streatham

£84 for 6 weeks


Bespoke 1-2-1 private Baby Massage

Run from your home.

Following a consultation a class is tailored to your families needs. Choose a single class with a specific focus or book all 3 to cover the entire syllabus.

60 minute class

Available in and around Streatham

Email casey@sensoryland.com for more information and to book

Casey’s a properly magical Mary Poppins baby whisperer and that’s what sets the tone for the classes, which are all very baby-centred (but lovely for parents as a result, as the babies just love it all so much). Baby massage (and the Saturday dads’ class my husband took) taught us really useful skills which I have continued to use regularly to soothe my baby before bed.
— Kate
Casey is a great teacher with a wealth of baby experience. The course was so enjoyable
— Amy
Casey clearly explained each massage movement and their benefits. My little guy enjoyed the classes with lots of giggles and a good snooze afterwards. I highly recommend this course.
— Michelle



What are the benefits of learning Baby Massage?

There are many benefits of practising Baby Massage, relief from colic, constipation and encouraging deeper and longer sleeps are just to name a few. Our aim is to not only teach you what the moves are, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of the benefits of each move and how to make the most of them. Leaving you confident to continue practising at home. Many children request to continue to be massaged well past 6 months meaning this course is a skill you can use for many years.

Physical benefits include:

Emotional benefits include:

Social and practical benefits include:


 What happens during our Baby Massage Courses?

Depending on the type of class you book it may vary slightly. We want to make learning massage as fun and easy to remember as possible so we sing songs during class to help the make the moves more memorable. Each week we bring a different sensory prop for your baby to explore and play with if they need a little break. There is no pressure to massage during class and you are welcome to sit and watch or practise on a spare doll and practise at home in you own time. Public group classes are ideal for non-moving babies (roughly 4 weeks until 5/6 months depending on each child).


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