Testimonials and Feedback

We love to see the smiles on parents and babies faces during our classes.

Absolutely brilliant

I attended a baby sensory class hosted by Casey and Jadie who were absolutely brilliant. Bursting with energy and enthusiasm and the babies were transfixed from the very start. My daughter loved the singing and I enjoyed the baby massage although I wish I had learnt the techniques when my baby was younger as they would have been so useful. Sadly I'll be back at work full time next term and my little girl won't qualify as a baby any more but my would love for my mum to take my daughter along to the toddler class when they start up again!! 

Sarah Batty, Mum of one


Fun and friendly class

My shy 2 year old loves this fun and friendly class. Sensory Land take great care in what they do, it's been lovely watching my son come out of his shell.

Faye Peachey, Attended with 2 year-old


Great teacher

Casey is a great teacher with a wealth of baby experience. The course was so enjoyable

Amy, Attended Baby Massage Course is 3 month old


Lovely session.

My daughter particularly enjoyed the shaving foam! ???? will be back.

Claire, Attended with 2 year-old


Wonderfully interactive with continuous songs

Casey and Jadie were truly engaging and didnt get flustered at any point when my toddler was being disruptive. The session was wonderfully interactive with continuous songs to keep the kids entertained. I loved the range of activities also, so many different things to do in just 45mins. I will definitely be back! X

Kheyla Anderson, attended with 3 year old


Amazing session

Just come in from an amazing session with my youngest son. Educational fun and a reminder of my own primary and nursery years with some classic rhymes. The staff were friendly and enthusiastic.

Shaun Buchanan, attended with 3 year old


A magical journey through a sensory land of play and learning

The sessions cover all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage in an original and exciting way. The children are fully engaged from the very beginning with singing, actions and tasks to complete. Parents are invited to participate too and it is very difficult not to join in and be part of the activities. The team’s imaginative ideas and props bring the mission of rescuing the fairy dust from the magpie’s nest to life. With jumping over giant mud patches, climbing imaginary trees and encountering massive spider webs there is plenty of physical action to keep even the most energetic ones focused.  These sessions really help children to develop across all areas of learning including their language skills and understanding the world.  Sensory play is vital in brain development and these sessions cover all seven senses, including body awareness and movement (vestibular and proprioception systems). Taste(fruit)  and smell are cleverly added to the magical journey. School readiness is threaded throughout with children tasked with listening and following simple instructions, turn taking and sharing.

Liz Hodgman, Childcare Consultant and Author of 'Enabling Environments in the Early Years'


They are exactly what you want when you take your child to a class

Laura Carver, Mum of one


Adapted when children gave suggestions

Ayesha Alleyne, Mum of one


Interacted very well with the children to get them involved

Michelle Hayes,Mum of 3


Just as good as on TV

Sandra Griffith, Mum of 4