Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend a Sensory Land activity class? 

Classes are for children as much as they are for adults too. They are a really enjoyable way to spend time together, play, learn and make new friends. We encourage adults to play and interact with their children therefore all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Classes are divided into suitable age groups, please check the class guidelines for details as each session is individual. It's important to respect these age limitations because the content of each class has been tailored towards a specific age group.

Sensory Land has mother and baby classes but they can also be attended by Fathers, Grandparents, Nannies, Childminders and Aupairs. All welcome. We also go into Nurseries, Children's centers, Kids clubs, Schools, Birthday Parties and other Events. For more information on these please contact Casey directly.

Children are to be accompanied at all times during the session by their parent or carer and are not to be dropped off and left under Sensory Lands supervision. 

How Long is a Sensory Land session?

Class times vary: 30 minutes - baby sensory, 45 minutes - toddler sensory, 1 hour - interactive story time.

Is there a limit to how many people can attend a session? 

Yes, depending on the age group of the class and the venue we will cap our class sizes. We feel it's about quality rather than quantity. We would much prefer a bit more room to move about and a few less people so that everyone in attendance can enjoy the session and get involved to the max. Usual class size is 15 children maximum (siblings in attendance included).

Is there a minimum class size? 

Yes, as much as we would love to run classes no matter if 2 or 12 people can attend we must be able to cover our overheads and so need a minimum of 6 children in each session to run. This means there's a great opportunity to tell all of your friends about us and invite them to one of our activity classes.

What happens if a class has not filled minimum capacity?

Unfortunately we may need to cancel the session. This is in a worst case scenario. Sensory Land endeavor to give a minimum of 24 hours notice. In this circumstance a full refund will be issued or you can have a priority booking over your next preferred class, it is up to you. 

What is involved in the activity class? 

We start by sitting down in a circle. While we wait for everyone to arrive the children are allowed to play with some of our Sensory Toys. Then we start with our register and welcome song. 

Then we move around the space going on the story's journey. 

At the end we sit down and discuss the things we experienced during the session and sing our goodbye song. (For information on how we run our parties and events please ask Casey directly)

Do you use British Sign Language in all of your classes? 

Yes we try to. We use a mixture of British Sign Language (by Signature) and Baby Sign (by Tiny Talk) to communicate in our sessions. We understand the importance of good communication with children and have seen the difference in confidence, happiness and the reduction of tantrums when pre-verbal children can get their point across. We aim to show them request signs (e.g. help, please, hungry, thirsty, more etc) as well as some simple words that can help everyone with or without speech and language difficulties communicate together.

 How do I book for multiple classes or a term?

To book more than one class at a time you need to select 'Book Now' and follow the link to the payment page. You will be asked to complete a form where you can choose exactly which classes you would like to attend. Once that is complete it will be added to your basket. Then start over again. You can book for as many classes as you like all with the online discount. Spaces are limited though so book now to avoid disappointment.