Data Permissions

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations of May 2018 we now need to ask your permission to contact you as store information about you. Please let us know how we can contact you and if we may store personal information about you.

Full Name *
Full Name
Can we email you? *
This is the most regular form of contact, we will use it to remind you of classes and send you promotions.
Can we call you? *
This is unlilkely, we may need to contact you urgently or last minute to inform you of last minute changes to your upcoming class. Or to discuss something to do with your classes. We will not call you to promote services.
Can we text you? *
This is rare, an example of why we would text you would be if you left something behind at a class or if there are last minute things you need to know in regards to an upcoming class
Can we write to your home address? *
This is unlikely to happen as we are trying to be as green as possible. In Baby Massage courses we may need to post your a certificate for example.
Your personal information *
By completing this form you are outlining which permissions Sensory Land do or do not have to contact you. And if we can store information on you and your family. You have right to request access to the data held about you at any time. You may amend your information or ask to have it erased at any time.