What is Baby Yoga?

What is Baby Yoga? And what happens during a baby Yoga class with Sensory Land?


A common misconception of baby yoga classes is that it is a class (usually) for mothers to attend with their small baby, where the mothers will do exercises that will help them recover from pregnancy and labour. The babies usually lay on the floor in the middle of the room and it is acceptable for mothers to take breaks during the class to feed and comfort their babies. They are mother and baby yoga/exercise classes.

This is not what baby yoga classes are. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and many people have benefited from practising these movements and breathing exercises. The class is designed to help the babies (with the assistance of their grown ups) move their bodies in stretches and holds that are beneficial to their posture, circulation and development.

During a typical baby yoga class with Sensory Land we focus on the Ying/Yang of having fun with high energy songs and sensory play/with stillness, calm and relaxation. Each week is different and we progress through different moves, holds and stretches gradually building on them. The class includes stretches for the grown ups (so to avoid over straining ourselves when lifting and moving the babies), yoga stretches and hold for the babies, songs, sensory play and relaxation for everyone. The lesson is for 60 minutes and there will be time during class to feed, socialise and in some venues there are refreshments for the grown ups.


  • There are moves in this class that are only suitable for children once they have had their hips checked and cleared by a medical professional which is usually around 8 weeks.

  • Adults need to be able to sit on the floor, lift and carry their child.

  • Unfortunately it is not possible for twins to partake in public lessons, unless they’re 1-2-1 with a grown up. Alternatively Twins may do baby yoga in private lessons.

  • You do not need any previous yoga experience.

  • Come dressed comfortably.

  • It is not advised to feed your baby within 30 minutes of the exercises beginning, we understand that sometimes this is just not possible. That is fine, please let your teacher know at the start of the class and they will make amendments for you.

  • It is not possible to do Baby Yoga with your child if they have had their inoculations/jabs less than 24 hour earlier.

  • You can do baby yoga with your child before an inoculation appointment.

After class: expect to leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and more positive.

Should I join? : if you want to spend a lovely hour each week having fun with your baby, singing songs, and learning exciting new ways to stimulate them and move their bodies, whilst making friends, gaining confidence, AND leave feeling happier, more positive and relaxed, then this is the class for you.

Any more questions, please speak with a member of our team.